Foreign trade consulting services relevant to foreign economic activity:

Foreign Trade Consulting Services Relevant to FEA is a service that transfers all non-core functions of your company, namely the logistics and foreign economic activities, to professionals specializing in this field. To date, the Foreign Trade Consulting Services service enjoys great demand from companies engaged in wholesale and retail of foreign goods, as well as from organizations that do not have experience in the field of FEA.

Foreign Trade Consulting Services Relevant to FEA from Atlantic Way UAB allows you to use the vast experience of our employees in order to reduce the cost of cargo delivery, accelerate capital turnover, as well as conduct export and import transactions and perform customs clearance procedures in Belarus and Russia.

You will not have to waste your time monitoring the work of carriers, brokers, logisticians, and customs brokers, as well as tracking the fine points of customs legislation of different countries, the latest changes in the regulatory and legal bases, and defending your interests against regulatory authorities. The full range of service will be provided by our qualified specialists.

    Our main services:

    1) Development of the most optimal schemes for the delivery of your cargo (goods) considering the specifics of your industry;

    2) Advice on all emerging customs issues, as well as aspects of FEA;

    3) Development of a set of recommendations and activities aimed at reducing costs and optimizing the logistics of the company;

    4) Advice on all required legal, accounting, and taxation matters.

    Advantages of outsourcing FEA from Atlantic Way JSC:

    1) You will significantly reduce the material, time, and human resources, as you will not need to have your own FEA and customs clearance departments;

    2) You will not have to interact with a large number of delivery contractors, to deal with customs clearance of cargo, as well as with the insurance company, certification bodies, and customs authorities;

    3) You will not need to think about the ways to carry out currency transactions;

    4) The company now may focus on things what are of primary importance – on the core business of the company.

    This way, all you need is:

    1) Select the supplier and the goods;

    2) Conclude a contract with us.

    We will do the rest!